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45 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Marisa says:

    Andre was super helpful while we were buying our first home. He is really knowledgable and a great resource. He and his team makes things easy. The whole process was new to us and he very kindly guided us though the whole thing. I truly wish that I had called him to get started years ago!

  2. Matt G says:

    Buying a home is stressful, but Andre is here to alleviate those anxieties. Throughout the whole process, Andre was calling, communicating, explaining and checking in. His and his personnel’s clear communication and vast knowledge certainly eased this process. Whenever I had a question, he was quick to respond and get me back on track. I would recommend him 1,000 times over!

  3. Peter says:

    I met Andre over a year before I was ready to purchase. Over that year we talked periodically about the market conditions and my personal situation. Andre was always full of great information and a valued resource. Once the time came to purchase he was always there to answer questions and explain details about what was going on behind the scenes. Even after the purchase process he has continued to support us with follow up information.
    We always felt informed and treated with the utmost respect from Andre and his team. All e-mails and phone calls were answered incredibly quickly and accurately. Getting a mortgage is not an easy process, but Andre is a guy that sure makes it seem easy!

  4. Chris says:

    Just finished a refinance with Andre. He was a pleasure to work with. It was an easy transaction and Andre and his team were very helpful. I wold recommend Andre and his team to my family and friends!!!

  5. Kat Espanol says:

    Andre & his team were great to work with. He was very patient, encouraging, easy to contact & knowledgable. We purchased a house in 2010 and got our loan through him and then in 2016 did a refinance. He helped us through both loans and especially our most recent loan where we hit a bump in the loan process and he gave us good advice as to fix the problem. And now we are saving $700 month by being able to get rid of the PMI and getting a lower interest rate. We are new parents and every single dollar saved from our monthly mortgage is helping us greatly!!!! Thank you so much Andre!

  6. Peggy says:

    I used Andre and his team in 2008 to refinance my home loan and was very happy. I contacted him in mid-March 2016 to determine if worth re-financing (I’m now retired living on fixed income). He ran some numbers based on my outstanding balance, current interest rates, etc. along with looking at the payoff if I continued making the same payment I’m making now or took advantage of the reduced monthly payment based on a new 30 year loan. Based on his modeling (which was delivered within hours of my request), I decided to refinance.

    The loan process was efficient, he and his team were available for questions as they came up and the loan closed less than 45 days later (at minimal cost to me). I definitely recommend Andre and his team if you are looking for home financing.

  7. Lorraine says:

    This is a little late, as our refi went through already. I was referred to Andre from one of our teachers at work. I made the initial call and Andre was super nice and asked questions and we moved forward right then. The next day, he had things lined up and it was an easy process. He walked us through everything, answered all our questions and was there for us from start to finish. His knowledge and quick responses were encouraging to walk the road of all the paperwork required for a refi, but he made the process as easily as possible.
    Thank you Andre for your services, pleasant personality and dedication to help us out. We are very appreciative!

  8. Alan Pauley says:

    Andre went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and we really appreciated how quickly and thoroughly he responded to us. He even proactively answered questions we didn’t know we had! Andre made himself available at all hours of the day and really seemed to go the extra mile to make sure that the entire process went smoothly. My wife and I highly recommend him!

  9. Michael Arriaga says:

    I was a first time home buyer and when I first got started I didn’t know where to start when it came to my loan. So I did what most people do and started doing research online and found this company (not Andre) near me that had good reviews and had a BBB A rating. The person that helped me was ok and did what most Loan officers do but that person was not engaged with my loan process. Well when I started looking at houses I found a great Agent and he treated me really well and inquired about my loan and I told him I was with this company but didn’t really get the greatest vibe from them, so then my Agent referred me to Andre and told me he was great (Which he is!!). So because my Agent was taking really good care of me I called up Andre, which I am glad I did! I had a total opposite experience with Andre, he was fully engaged walked me through the whole process and explained all in the information to me in simple English. Andre really took his time with me and made feel comfortable through the whole loan process because I was really nervous when seeing all those zero’s. And during the whole time I was looking for a house Andre would make sure to always touch base with me every so often to see how I was doing which really helped me stay focused. When it was time to get my loan ready for me to sign he got me a great rate, walked me step by step till I closed, found me a insurance guy that got me a great rate for my house insurance and even after I closed he still followed up with me to see how I was which means lot because I wasn’t just a number to him.

    Proud new homeowner day before Turkey Day 2014!!!!!

  10. Rich K says:

    Thanks Andre. I am thrilled and very grateful to you and your team for getting this done. This was my third attempt to refinance and it is obvious to me that it was your skill and knowledge that made the difference. Count on me to sing your praises and to give your name to anyone who mentions a need for a mortgage guy. Please include me on your list of extremely happy clients.

  11. Manz M says:

    Andre is a detailed mortgage planner, who helped me get the right loan given my situation. He provided recommendations and guided me to get the best deal.
    While his highlighting of all the potential risks in every step was useful that showed his professionalism, at times I felt the corner cases of risks sent negative signals and thoughts in my mind.
    Even after the rate lock in, Andre was able to renegotiate the rate down just before closing. Andre was always reachable throughout the buying process to answer any questions, which was very important for me.
    Overall, I’m very happy to have done business with Andre and highly recommend him.

  12. Alex Trachtman says:

    We just completed the purchase of our second home thanks to the help Andre, Alana and the rest of the team. I enjoyed working with them and trully appreciate how informed they kept my wife and I throughout the entire process. Any issue that arose was always addressed in a timely and professional manner. Given that it’s been almost 13 years since we last purchased a home, I appreciate Andre letting me know what to expect throughtout the entire process. I highly recommend this team for all home purchase financing needs, as well as any refinancing needs.

  13. Dennis Kinnane says:

    I’ve known Andre for many years but had never had the experience of actually hiring him til my condo refinance last month. He got me the lowest rate at just the right time and was extremely professional and helpful all along the way. I have recommended Andre to friends and others for years and now I have personally experienced why I am glad to say I did so!

  14. Pat Simpson says:

    Andre was referred to me by my financial advisors office staff. What a blessing. Andre was prompt, responsive and explained every detail to me to my satisfaction. Andre did not spend much time of un-necessary information. He went to work and got me locked into a loan within days. He did call me to tell me that rates had dropped and that I should consider getting everything in place to get the lower rate. A great big thank you to Andre and his office staff for their quick turn around for my refinance. My interest rate dropped by almost 3%.

  15. Karen Rodecki says:

    Andre did a great job with my refinance. I was particularly impressed with his responsiveness – he returned phone calls and emails promptly, and would stay on the phone with me as long as necessary to answer all my questions. I highly recommend working with him.

  16. Jane says:

    Just finished a painless refinance with Andre. I had no idea I could save so much $ per month! Andre contacted me when the interest rates lowered. It is so nice to have a lower house payment and also know that the person handling all the paperwork is so knowledgeable. Thanks Andre!

  17. Yvonne says:

    Just completed our refi and couldn’t be happier with Andre. He was the miracle worker who was able to make this happen. Through thick and thin, he worked hard and we were the beneficiaries. Whether it was getting a great appraiser out here (appraised the house $100,000 than a year ago when we tried refinancing), getting the underwriters to see things his way, or the personal service of the escrow company, we felt well taken care of. Our financial planner recommended Andre and we are glad she did. We highly recommend Andre because where others have failed, he was successful…..

  18. Alex Trachtman says:

    This is the third time we’ve used Andre for our refinancing needs. He is extremely attentive and kept both my wife and I fully informed throughout the entire process. We always knew what to expect and when to expect it. I highly recommend Andre for any home financing needs. He made the process less burdensome than it could have been.

  19. Bernie Clare says:

    Many thanks to Andre for getting my investment property financed expeditiously and at a great rate. Everything disclosed up front, no tricks or surprises, good communication throughout the process and even some follow up after the close! I would recommend Andre highly.

  20. Rachelle says:

    Thanks Andre for making the process painless. I expected so much more work on my side but there was not much. This was an important decision for me and I appreciate you handling it well. Thanks.

  21. Paul Spitsen says:

    Andre is clearly a professional at the top of his game. Knowledgeable, responsive, willing and capable of answering all questions and concerns immediately (even while on vacation) while keeping our transaction on schedule. Great service. Great rate and terms. Not one thing was missed or overlooked by Andre and his team. All you have to do is provide the documentation they ask for and then get out of the way. They do the rest. We would/will highly recommend Andre to anyone who desires to work with the best! Thanks for a job well done.

  22. Jeremy Schmidt says:

    Andre, Thank you so very much for all your attention to detail and outstanding customer service. I was told by the title person that this was the smoothest escrow she had seen, what a testimonial to your knowledge and expertise. I will definitely refer you to all my friends and family.

  23. Cynthia Rowe says:

    Andre helped us through a complicated loan process – many thanks

  24. Andreas says:

    I called Andre and asked if worth re-financing.
    He said he’d only do it if it makes financial sense to me. It did– Now saving $235 a month.
    Best part— it didn’t cost me a penny!

    Lots of mortgage brokers and “call center loan” out there, but very few are real financeers like Andre.

  25. Theresa Hoinsky says:

    Words cannot express my appreciation for a job well done by Andre and his staff. I made an appointment, brought some papers with me, sat down with Andre for a very short time and inside of three (3) weeks my loan was approved, appointment made to bring in prior year’s taxes, then with escrow, signed last Tuesday, recorded today, can’t believe everything is complete today. Efficient in every way and a blessing to anyone wanting a new loan or refi, Andre is there to help and help he will do. Thank you for an excellent job and very happy I did not go through with other broker.

  26. David says:

    I had started a refi with another broker who seemed not to know what was needed. and it was making me crazy. I was referred to Andre by a friend and he knew what would be needed and took care of it. Thanks

  27. Gary Brightwell says:

    Working with Andre was great. Never once was there a question that was not explained in full detail in simple terms. I was kept up to date on all that was going on in regards to my loan on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend using Andre on any future loan dealings.

    Thanks for the easy experience.

  28. Susana says:

    Andre, i can not even find the words to express how much i appreciate your work. You were honest from the very beginning_which is very hard to find now a days unfortunately. You really considered my personal and financial situation and proceeded to find the best possbile solution for me. The journey through my escrow process was far from easy and you kept finding ways to help us push through. I was very fortuante to work with you and very pleased with your work ethic and follow through. Thank you so much for always being available. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for making this happen for me

  29. Karen & Kevin says:

    We have had the pleasure of working with Andre twice now, and would highly recommend Andre and his team. In this constantly changing world of forms, disclosures, credit ratings, more forms, valuations, hazard insurances, more forms, forms you’ve already signed, forms you haven’t seen before, Andre kept everything plain, simple and understandable. He listened to our needs, understood where we were coming from and what we were comfortable with and helped us navigate the whole process with the minimun fuss and with minimal stress. Thanks Andre!

  30. John C says:

    Great experience. Andre made the process smooth, understandable and quick. Oh ya, and a great rate as well. Thanks.

  31. Sand N Donner says:

    After trying to get a refi with another loan broker for 6 months, I contacted Andre and he was able to get the job done with initial approval in less than 3 weeks. The entire process was painless and went without any problems. I highly recommend Andre for all of your home finance needs.

  32. Ryan says:

    Two years after first attempting to refi we finally made it all the way through the process. It seemed like the odds were stacked against us but Andre helped us through the process. He was available at all hours to answer our questions (there were many) and helped us understand the mindset of the banks. Even though we hit a few bumps along the way Andre was able to resolve the problems and help us lock a great rate on time. Thanks!

  33. J and J Ruiz says:

    Andre is the best!!!! We met him through our real estate agent and we are extremely greatful that our agent made the introduction. Andre assisted us with refinancing our home and he did a terrific job. Andre made the process go smoothly and his professionalism and knowledge, will definelty be the reasons why we go back to him in the future and refer others to him as well. Thanks Andre:)

  34. Bonnie & Don says:

    We just completed a refi with Andre. He delivered a great rate, walked us through the process and made everything easy. I can’t say enough about his communication, knowledge and integerity. He is the ONLY one we will ever go to for a loan or refi. We trust him completely.

  35. Deanna and Steve says:

    We have refinanced twice with Andre. It has been a breeze each time. Thanks so much! We would recommend Andre to anyone who needs a loan.

  36. Jim S. says:

    After struggling to refinance last year with a big bank (where customer service was non-existent and no one was interested in helping us), I was referred to Andre. What a difference. He gave my wife and I clear instructions on what info he needed and he got to work. We refinanced our home in less than 8 weeks even after we had a change in employment during the process. Andre kept us posted on every step and everything promised was delivered. My wife and I are thrilled as our payment is significantly less and it was completely painless. Thanks to Andre and his team!

  37. Dave Westberg says:

    This is the second time I have refinanced with Andre. Both processes went smoother than I had expected- especially the most recent with all the changes in the laws. I have recommended Andre’s services to family and friends and will continue to do so in the future.

  38. Andrew Tzeng says:

    Just completed my purchase of a house with a FHA loan and Andre and his team was with me every step of the way, explaining everything in detail with me, and answering any questions I may have. They are extremely patient with me even when I’m bombarding them with questions since this is my first time home-buying experience. Also, they are very dedicated to what they do, and Andre even took the time to help me while he’s out of the office, after hours. They worked with me and helped me resolved any issue I may have during the loan application process. Thanks to them, I am now the proud owner of a brand new home. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends, family, and co-workers. Keep up the good work!

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